No Greater Love

Every now and then I receive requests from people who play guitar in church. Sometimes they want to play a little solo, sometimes they want to accompany the church choir, and this time someone asked for a bit of both: an instrumental introduction and then and accompaniment, all for the song No Greater Love by Feargal King. It has quite a haunting melody and some very colourful, jazzy chords underneath. It inspired me to make a double introduction: once with broken chords, high up the neck and a little abstract to set the mood of the piece. Then the refrain, soberly played with just enough of the chords to give a hint of the harmony and the colourful, jazzy sounds. When the singers set in I use a simple fingerpicking pattern, borrowing the bass line from the original piano arrangement. The fourth verse has a different melody and a bit more prominent accompaniment. It makes a nice change. The melody of the refrain will stick with me for quite a while, perhaps it’ll find a place in your ear too. Find the score on the Free Scores and Tabs page. I’m not too good at singing, so I play the melody here on my Epiphone Casino:

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