Bad Guy – Billie Eilish – D’oh!

#badguy #billieeilish

Billie Eilish is cool. Many of my pupils think so too. So, in preparation for the the new school year that is about to start, here’s an intermediate fingerstyle arrangement of Bad Guy. Cheerful song with not so cheerful lyrics. D’oh!

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Kawa no Nagare no Yōni – Enka time!

#KawaNoNagareNoYouni #LikeTheFlowOfARiver by #HibariMisora

#Enka or Japanese tearjerkers, have such beautiful melodies! This one was made famous by Hibari Misora, Queen of Enka, who died soon after the release of this song.

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What A Friend I Have In Jesus – with my twin brother

#WhatAFriendIHaveInJesus #hymn
Another hymn accompaniment for my friend Greg who uses it to sing with, with a nice solo guitar verse in between the two vocal verses. Guitar on the left is a Gibson ES-165 ‘Herb Ellis’ (Reversed image, it’s a lefty) and guitar on the right is a 7-string Daniel Slaman nylon archtop.

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Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s again

#HeyThereDelilah #PlainWhiteTs
I’ve had a lovely – and hot! – week walking in the French Vosges and I played a concert with Bach and Telemann on archlute immediately when I came back, but now it’s time for guitar again. Some weeks before my holiday I arranged 1 2 3 4 by the Plain White T’s, a song I didn’t know before. It reminded me of Hey There Delilah by the same band, a song I did know. So I thought of making an arrangement of this one too. I made it a bit more complicated, let’s say it’s intermediate to difficult.

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Blauwe Dag – Suzan & Freek again

#blauwedag #suzanenfreek
Last week before holidays, one more song for my pupils: Blauwe Dag, the new single by sing a song writer duo Suzan & Freek. I’m sure many of my Dutch pupils will enjoy this Dutch song. I’ve kept it simple, though the verses are very fast and have tricky off-beat bass notes.

Scores and Tabs on my website: