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Si dolce è’l tormento – Monteverdi

Si dolce è’l tormento by Claudio Monteverdi One of the most beautiful songs by this great Baroque composer. Here’s a simple arrangement I made, three verses, for Jutta. Let’s hope Tyson, her tabby 🐈, likes it too.
And in case you were wondering about the guitar, it’s an early 19th century model after Fabricatore, made by the Stradivarius of the North, luthier Gary Southwell.

Scores and Tabs on my website:


Arcade – Eurovision2019 winner!

#arcade #duncanlaurence #eurovision2019
So The Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest this year and I’m sure I have pupils that will want to play the winning song. Here’s what I came up with for them: not too difficult, but there are some challenges. For the beginners I made an easier version with just the melody, and for the strummers I have the lyrics with just the chords. And for the Eurovision haters I have other music. Everybody happy!

Scores and Tabs on my website:

High Hopes- Panic! at the Disco

#highhopes #panicatthedisco
I’ve made a fingerstyle arrangement for pupil Lucas, who asked for this song weeks and weeks ago. It’s easy if you leave out the slapping, but if you play it with the slapping (it’s the dreaded slap ‘n’ pluck!) I’d call it intermediate.

Scores and Tabs on my website: