How to Buy the Arrangements

How to Buy the Arrangements

I make my arrangement for my pupils and on request from customers. If you want to learn one (or more) of these songs but you are not my pupil, you can buy a lesson of just that one (or more) song(s) from me.
After I receive your payment you will receive links to password-protected PDFs of tab and score, and a password to open the PDFs.
Let your wallet and your conscience decide how much you want to pay  (with a minimum of two euros per song).
You can send the money by:
1) Bank transfer (from countries within Europe) to
IBAN: NL46INGB0005490750 / BIC: INGBNL2A
on the name of D. G. van Ooijen in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Send me an email with the titles of the song(s) you want, and mention your name and (last few digits) of your bank transfer, so I can find your transfer back in my administration.
2) By PayPal: go to your own PayPal account and make your payment to
Don’t forget to mention the song(s) you want and please mention your email address in the message. Also, can you tell me which country you live in? (This is for European tax law.)

After receiving your payment I will e-mail you links to the password-protected PDFs and the password to open the PDFs. You will receive all versions I made of the song, so you don’t have to tell me which version you’d like.

Sorry for the complicated system, but I cannot afford a smooth web-shop.


90 thoughts on “How to Buy the Arrangements

    1. Hi Asan
      See the info on this page: make a donation with PayPal and I’ll send you the password. The password for a song works for all versions of that song, so you can also try the not so easy version.
      Hope this helps


      1. Konnichiwa David-san.
        I’m ready for the payment, so I’m going to email you song’s names I want. Tanoshimidesu! So excited!


  1. Hi. I am trying to learn Sugar by Maroon 5 for school. (The fingerstyle) and i was wondering how much it would cost just to learn it..?


  2. Hey good afternoon, quick question. Im looking to purchase “nothing really matters” by Mr Probz. But im not very good at FS as of yet. I was wondering if you would be able to do it in any other way? Thank you.


      1. I had a friend send you a payment of approximately €5.00 and if possible im asking for Swimming – Hans Zimmer – SCORE TAB and Cool Kids – Echosmith – FS TAB

        On Tue, Jun 30, 2015, 2:22 PM MeesterDavidGitaar wrote:

        > davidvanooijen commented: “Hi Anthony See the Password page: one or to > euros for a song (use a curency converter to see what’s that in USD). yours > David”


    1. Bonjour Francois

      Merci pour votre message. Please read the instructions on the Password page of my website:
      Pay with PayPal
      Tell me what song you want in the ‘message to the seller’ section of the PayPal payment
      Don’t forget to check your email

      I’m away from home for a few days and I do not always have an internet connection, so please be a little patient.
      Sunday night I’ll be home again and will respond faster.

      Hope this helps.




  3. I am from India.i want sanam teri kasam scores and tabs.In Indian money 2 Euro is equal to INR 150.Are you okay to accept this.can I proceed to pay?


  4. Hi, David! Thank you for the great arrangement of Sound of Silence! How much is it to get the tabs for classical guitar?


  5. Hello, i’ve sent a donation something like a week ago for “La valse d’Amelie” but i didn’t recieve nothing. So i wanted to know if it’s because of the amount of the donation or else.


  6. Hi,
    Do you also create chords for songs on request?
    Sadly I’m not familiar with tabs and scores. is it possible to get these in chords as well?
    I love your work.



    1. Dear Veena
      My arrangements do not lend themselves to be written out in chords. If you have a specific request for a song, you can send me a private message, as I do requests.
      Hope this answers your question somewhat.

      PS: Teach yourself tabs, it very, very easy and will come in handy.


  7. Hi David, Love your arrangements especially of the hymns which are not often available. I will be placing an order with you today for a number of them. One hymn which is very popular now in Australia and which you would do a beautiful arrangement of is Hail Mary, Gentle Woman. If you are not inclined to do an arrangement of this to add to your song list I would be happy to pay you to do it just for me.


    1. Hi Terrence
      Thanks for the kind words. I’m not at home today – two rehearsals – but will be tonight. I do arrangements on request, you can pm me for conditions. But first you’d better play through some existing arrangements of mine to see how they suit you.


  8. Hi! Are you still active on this website? I want to purchase the tabs for Swimming-Hans Zimmer, but I want to confirm first. Planning on paying through Paypal. Love how both versions sound on your youtube videos 🙂


  9. Hallo,

    still actual with this website? I’m interested in the sheet music of La Valse d’Amelie.

    Before donating just want to know if this website still is on use and will be readed from time to time.


  10. Hi Mr.
    I want to buy from you”River flows in you and swimming both version for them…but I want to know how many must I pay for them? what is coast for each song please?


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