How to Buy the Arrangements

How to Buy the Arrangements

I make my arrangement for my pupils and on request from customers. If you want to learn one (or more) of these songs but you are not my pupil, you can buy a lesson of just that one (or more) song(s) from me.
After I receive your payment you will receive links to password-protected PDFs of tab and score, and a password to open the PDFs.
Let your wallet and your conscience decide how much you want to pay  (with a minimum of two euros per song).
You can send the money by:
1) Bank transfer (from countries within Europe) to
IBAN: NL46 INGB 000 54 90 750 / BIC: INGB NL 2A
on the name of D. G. van Ooijen in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Send me an email with the titles of the song(s) you want, and mention your name and (last few digits) of your bank transfer, so I can find your transfer back in my administration.
2) By PayPal: go to your own PayPal account and make your payment to

Don’t forget to mention the song(s) you want and please mention your email address in the message. Also, can you tell me which country you live in? (This is for European tax law.)

After receiving your payment I will e-mail you links to the password-protected PDFs and the password to open the PDFs. You will receive all versions I made of the song, so you don’t have to tell me which version you’d like.

Sorry for the complicated system, but I cannot afford a smooth web-shop.

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